Stakeholder Engagement

The Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP) has established an external stakeholder advisory group (ESAG) as an integral part of the structure of this HCS Research Collaboratory. The ESAG includes IRB Members, patient and consumer representatives, CTSA Consortium investigators, Federal Representatives (including the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the National Institutes of Health, and Office of Human Research Protections), FDA representatives, industry representatives, clinicians, professional societies, private and public health insurers/payers, clinical guideline developers, external healthcare systems, and others from among the Collaboratory's Network Organizations. CMTP has broad experience in stakeholder engagement with all stakeholder groups identified above, and specifically with insurers and patient advocacy organizations.

CMTP has experience working with underrepresented minority patient advocacy organizations. CMTP‟s Patient and Consumer Advisory Committee (PCAC) is an internal advisory committee to advise on how best to identify and engage patients and consumers in CER to ensure that their perspectives are given adequate and appropriate weight in all aspects of CMTP initiatives and research. Its 9 members represent a balance of disease-specific and more general patient and consumer organizations, including those emphasizing minority populations. CMTP will utilize the networks represented by PCAC members such as Dia de la Mujer Latina, Inc., and Center for the Advancement of Health and Americans for Quality Health Care, to ensure diverse perspectives on the ESAG. ESAG members will convene in person annually for half-day meetings immediately following Collaboratory face-to-face meetings in Bethesda, MD (years 1-3), and will also participate in regular teleconferences throughout the project to ensure appropriate interaction and feedback with the Collaboratory (years 1-5). The ESAG will provide a vehicle for dialogue, consultation, and feedback at key stages of design, implementation, and dissemination of the PCT demonstration projects, including:

  • Feedback on study design and implementation issues nominated by the Collaboratory Working Groups and PCT Demonstration Project teams for ESAG input

  • Consensus on technical and policy guidelines and best practices for the Collaboratory‟s PCT Demonstration Projects

  • Techniques and approaches for widely disseminating best practices and guidelines for conducting research studies in partnership with healthcare systems to the general universe of healthcare systems and related stakeholders