HealthPartners Data Description for NIH Collaboratory Distributed Research Network

​1. ​Years of Data Available ​2000-current
​2. Total enrollees in research database: All years
​2.5 million
​3. ​Total enrollees in research database: Most recent year ​970,000
​4. ​Age distribution (%): Most recent year
​0-18 years ​30
​19-44 years ​33
​45-64 years ​29
​65+ ​7
​5. ​Data models available
​Mini-Sentinel Common Data Model (CDM)
​Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) CDM
​Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) CDM
​Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside (i2b2) CDM
​6. ​Health Plan/Health System Description

The Institute is part of a larger organization consisting of HealthPartners, Regions Hospital and affiliated clinics as an affiliated covered entity under HIPAA regulations. Our link with HealthPartners clinics and Regions Hospital enables researchers to explore the feasibility of protocol design and identify potential participants for study proposals. Our mission is to improve health and well-being in partnership with our members, patients and community. Our vision is: Health as it could be, affordability as it must be, through relationships built on trust.

​7. ​Collaboration requirements and additional information

As part of a large healthcare cooperative, HealthPartners Institute is focused on being good stewards of our member, patient and provider relationships and data. We continue to participate in national and regional collaborative partnerships that operate in an equitable manner. The Institute is governed by principles that direct us to innovative projects that broaden our expertise and add to the diversity of our data and care delivery types. Most importantly we focus on research that will ultimately improve the care and experience of our patients and members.

​8. ​Research Capabilities

HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research's research division is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting high-quality, public-domain health research. Our research is proposed and led by multidisciplinary teams of independent PhD- and MD-level investigators rigorously trained in statistics, economics, epidemiology, and other fields. Their work is often done in collaboration with other academic and research organizations throughout the world in conjunction with HealthPartners’ medical, dental and mental health professionals.

The Institute’s research agenda includes behavioral intervention research, survey-based research, clinical trials, medical records research and basic science. Our research concentrations include chronic disease, critical care, cancer care, child and maternal health, health economics, research integrity, clinical research, Alzheimer's disease/neuroscience, mental health and oral health/dentistry.