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Accessing PCORnet's Data and Network Resources


Christopher Forrest, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Principal Investigator, PEDSnet


Clinical data research networks, Patient-centered outcomes research, PCORnet, PCORI, Learning healthcare system, Patient-powered research networks

Key Points

  • PCORnet is a large, highly representative, national patient-centered clinical research network designed to support a learning U.S. healthcare system and to enable large-scale clinical research conducted with enhanced quality and efficiency.
  • As a national evidence-generating system, PCORnet provides access, under strict privacy and security protections, to large sets of health and healthcare data gathered in real-world settings such as clinics and hospitals.
  • The PCORnet network is underpinned by a common data model that standardizes data into a single language. The network can be used for many kinds of research including pre-research, interventional studies, and observational studies.
  • Through the PCORnet Front Door—opening soon—researchers and other investigators, patient groups, healthcare organizations, clinicians or clinician groups, government and industry scientists, and sponsors will be able to collaborate on important patient-centered clinical research studies.

Discussion Themes

How will PCORnet's observational studies support PCORI's mandate to rapidly disseminate findings to the public?
Because of the open data movement, there is a trend for authors to make their datasets available as a prerequisite for journal publication. How will this trend affect PCORnet researchers?

For More Information

For more information on PCORnet research, data sources used in PCORnet research, and study designs that can be implemented within PCORnet research studies, go to the PCORnet Front Door website:


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 Grand Rounds 7-29-16

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