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Health Plan Research Networks (HPRNs): Data Linkage Activities to Facilitate Longitudinal Pragmatic and Observational CER


Kevin Haynes, PharmD, MSCE, Director of Clinical Epidemiology at HealthCore, Inc.
Vinit P. Nair, BPharm, MS, RpH, Director and Practice Lead, Government Research and Academic Partnerships at HUMANA Inc.


Pragmatic clinical trial; Comparative effectiveness research; PCORnet; Health plans; Health insurance; Health Plan Research Networks; Common data model; Administrative data; ADAPTABLE; Data interoperability; Electronic health records; Learning healthcare system

Key Points

  • Health Plan Research Networks (HPRNs) are playing a role in PCORnet’s national clinical research infrastructure. HPRNs intend to support learning healthcare systems by closing the gaps in administrative data to facilitate longitudinal research that generates better evidence and better care.
  • Extending the common data model (CDM) used by Sentinel and PCORnet, HPRNs support the provision of longitudinal data linkage, aiming for a fully integrated research database of medical claims data, laboratory and pharmacy data, and physician and facility claims data.
  • The first two PCORnet HPRN collaborators are Anthem’s HealthCore and Humana’s Comprehensive Health Insights. They are supporting the ADAPTABLE pragmatic trial and other large observational studies in PCORnet to demonstrate the research value of longitudinal administrative data.

Discussion Themes

Health plans are essential in research networks because data linkage is fundamental for longitudinal studies. EMR-driven research networks need good interoperability with health plans.
What were the processes and lessons learned in transforming your data to the PCORnet common data model? How long did it take?

For More Information

Read more about PCORnet’s two health plan research network initiatives: HealthCore-Anthem Research Network and Humana’s Comprehensive Health Insights.


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 Grand Rounds 6-2-17

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