Grand rounds are an important teaching tool of medical education, consisting of presenting the medical problems and treatment of a particular patient (or population of patients) to an audience consisting of doctors, residents, and medical students.   Grand rounds help doctors and other healthcare professionals keep up to date in important evolving areas which may be outside of their core practice.
Grand rounds have evolved, with most sessions being more like lectures, and with audiences expanding to include research professionals in the academic, government, industry, and advocacy domains.
The Grand Rounds featured here, as part of a shared forum of the NIH HCS Collaboratory and PCORnet, provide insightful updates focused on innovative, alternative, streamlined approaches to the conduct of pragmatic clinical trials.

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 Embedding Clinical Trials Into Care Delivery: The Vanderbilt ExperienceBernard, Gordon8/11/2017Vanderbilt University Medical CenterSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-11-17Clinical research; Learning healthcare system; Informatics; Implementation; Pragmatic clinical trial; Study design; Translational research
 PCORnet Research Innovations: Engagement, Dissemination, and (Hopefully) Tech Transfer Pilots Carton, Thomas8/4/2017PCORnetSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-04-17Clinical research; Network policies & governance; Learning healthcare system; Research dissemination; PCORnet
 The DSMB Role in Pragmatic Trials: NIMH Progress and ChallengesOrdonez, Anna; Siegel, Galia; Kim, Scott; Comtois, Kate7/28/2017NIMH; NIH; University of WashingtonSlidesGrand-Rounds-07-28-17Clinical research; Informed consent and human subjects protection; Research ethics
 CTTI Registry Trials Project: Evaluation and Design of Registries for Conducting Clinical TrialsLaschinger, John; Mitchel, Jules7/21/2017Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-07-21-17Clinical research; Electronic health records; Registries and biorepositories; Study design
 Leveraging Electronic Health Data in a Multinational Clinical Trial: Early Learnings from the HARMONY-Outcomes EHR Ancillary StudyCurtis, Lesley; O'Brien, Emily7/14/2017Duke Clinical Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-07-14-17Clinical research; Electronic health records; Data sharing
 Ethics and the Precision Medicine Initiative: Reflections from Working on the Central PMI IRBKass, Nancy7/7/2017Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics; School of Public HealthSlidesGrand-Rounds-07-07-17Clinical research; Research ethics; Pragmatic clinical trial
 The Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project: Lessons Learned in Data SharingRoss, Joseph6/30/2017Yale University School of MedicineSlidesGrand-Rounds-06-30-17Clinical research; Data privacy & security; Data sharing; Research ethics; Research dissemination
 The Sentinel System: A Case for Analysis Ready DataPlatt, Richard; Brown, Jeffrey6/23/2017Harvard UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-06-23-17Clinical research; Data privacy & security; Data quality; Data sharing
 Project Baseline: Rationale, Design, and Progress Mahaffey, Ken; Mega, Jessica6/16/2017Stanford University; VerilySlidesGrand-Rounds-06-16-17Clinical research; Data privacy & security; Electronic health records; Patient engagement; Study design
 ADAPTABLE, the Aspirin Study: Embracing Patient-Partnered ResearchBrown, Linda; Gregoire, Ken; Faulkner, Madelaine; McCormick, Tom; Robertson, Holly; Roe, Matthew6/9/2017PCORnet; Duke Clinical Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-06-09-17Clinical research; Patient engagement; Patient-centered research; Outcomes research; PCORnet; Pragmatic clinical trial
 PCORnet Health Plan Research Networks (HPRN): Data Linkage Activities to Facilitate Longitudinal Pragmatic and Observational CER Haynes, Kevin; Nair, Vinit6/2/2017HealthCore; HumanaSlidesGrand-Rounds-06-02-17Clinical research; Data standards and interoperability; Distributed research network; Electronic health records; Learning healthcare system; Outcomes research; PCORnet; Pragmatic clinical trial
 Trial Innovation Network and PCORnet: Collaborations and SynergiesHernandez, Adrian; Shah, Monica; Benjamin, Danny; Bernard, Gordon5/19/2017National Institutes of Health (NIH); National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS); Duke Clinical Research Institute; Duke University School of Medicine; Vanderbilt University; Vanderbilt University Medical CenterSlidesGrand-Rounds-05-19-17Clinical research; Data standards and interoperability; Learning healthcare system; Patient engagement; Network policies & governance; Regulatory issues; PCORnet; Study design; Stakeholder engagement
 Pragmatic Clinical Trials and Learning Health Care Systems: Strategies to Facilitate Implementation of Results into Clinical CareLarson, Eric; Tuzzio, Leah5/12/2017Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-05-12-17Clinical research; Implementation; Electronic health records; Learning healthcare system; Quality improvement; Provider-health system interactions; Pragmatic clinical trial; Research dissemination; Study design; Translational research; Stakeholder engagement
 The SUPPORT, BOOST II, and COT Trials: You Must Understand Usual Care To Safeguard Patients and Make Firm ConclusionsNatanson, Charles5/5/2017National Institutes of Health (NIH)SlidesGrand-Rounds-05-05-17Clinical research; Outcomes research; Informed consent and human subjects protection; Research ethics; Study design
 Perspective on the Boundary between Quality Improvement Studies and Research: Patients, QI Leaders, IRB LeadersHuang, Susan; Kaplan, Sherrie4/28/2017University of California, IrvineSlidesGrand-Rounds-04-28-17Clinical research; Comparative effectiveness research; Data privacy & security; Data sharing; Electronic health records; Informed consent and human subjects protection; Learning healthcare system; Patient engagement; Quality improvement; Pragmatic clinical trial; Research ethics
 Testing New Models of Research Funding: One Brave IdeaMacRae, Calum4/21/2017Harvard Medical SchoolSlidesGrand-Rounds-04-21-17Clinical research; Data analysis; Electronic phenotypes; Research dissemination; Study design
 Toward National Trauma Care Practice Change for PTSD & Comorbidity: Lessons Learned from the TSOS Pragmatic TrialZatzick, Douglas; Jurkovich, Gregory4/14/2017University of Washington; University of California, DavisSlidesGrand-Rounds-04-14-17Clinical research; Cluster randomized trial; Data sharing; Learning healthcare system; Implementation; Research dissemination; Pragmatic clinical trial
 Healthy Hearts Northwest: A 2×2 Randomized Factorial Trial to Build Quality Improvement Capacity in Primary CareParchman, Michael4/7/2017MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation; Kaiser PermanenteSlidesGrand-Rounds-04-07-17Clinical research; Comparative effectiveness research; Provider-health system interactions; Stakeholder engagement; Quality improvement
 FDA and Pragmatic TrialsCaliff, Robert3/31/2017Duke UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-03-31-17Clinical research; Electronic health records; Implementation; Learning healthcare system; Outcomes research; Patient-centered research; Provider-health system interactions; Pragmatic clinical trial; Regulatory issues
 Patient-Reported Outcomes: A Critical Insight into the Impact of TherapySpertus, John3/24/2017University of Missouri-Kansas City; Saint Luke's Mid America Heart InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-03-24-17Clinical research; Patient-centered research; Implementation; Patient-reported outcomes
 Establishing the National Evaluation System for Health Technology (NEST) Coordinating CenterBardot, Dawn; Murray, Bill3/17/2017Medical Device Innovation ConsortiumSlidesGrand-Rounds-03-17-17Clinical research; Data sharing; Data standards and interoperability; Patient engagement; Outcomes research; Electronic health records; Patient-centered research; Stakeholder engagement; Network policies & governance
 Implementing PROVENMor, Vincent3/10/2017Brown University School of Public HealthSlidesGrand-Rounds-03-10-17Clinical research; Cluster randomized trial; Patient engagement; Outcomes research; Pragmatic clinical trial; Provider-health system interactions; Data analysis
 Showcasing Innovative Operational and Recruitment Approaches in the ADAPTABLE TrialRobertson, Holly; Roe, Matthew3/3/2017Duke Clinical Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-03-03-17Clinical research; Comparative effectiveness research; Patient engagement; Patient-centered research; Outcomes research; Informed consent and human subjects protection; Informatics; Electronic health records; Electronic phenotypes; PCORnet; Pragmatic clinical trial; Study design
 Where Are We On Our Path to Digital Healthcare (And Why Is It So Hard?)Wachter, Robert2/24/2017University of California, San FranciscoSlidesGrand-Rounds-02-24-17Electronic health records; Provider-health system interactions
 Healthier Together: Collaborative Networks of Patients, Clinicians and Researchers Creating Learning Health SystemsLannon, Carole; Margolis, Peter2/17/2017Cincinnati Children's Hospital; University of CincinnatiSlidesGrand-Rounds-02-17-17Clinical research; Data sharing; Electronic health records; Learning healthcare system; Outcomes research; Stakeholder engagement; Study design
 INVESTED Vanguard Year: What Did We Learn About SMART IRB?Hernandez, Adrian; Vardeny, Orly; Cobb, Nichelle2/10/2017University of Wisconsin, Madison; Duke University; PCORnetSlidesGrand-Rounds-02-10-17Clinical research; Comparative effectiveness research; Informed consent and human subjects protection; Research ethics; Regulatory issues; PCORnet
 A Tentative Introduction to the Revised Common Rule for the Protection of Human SubjectsSugarman, Jeremy2/3/2017Johns Hopkins University; Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of BioethicsSlidesGrand-Rounds-02-03-17Informed consent and human subjects protection; Pragmatic clinical trial; Research ethics
 Connecting the Dots: Behavioral Economics and a Cluster Randomized Trial Hernandez, Adrian1/27/2017Duke University School of Medicine; Duke Clinical Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-01-27-17Clinical research; Cluster randomized trial; Learning healthcare system; Outcomes research; Patient engagement; Registries and biorepositories; Provider-health system interactions; Stakeholder engagement
 What "High Utilizers" Can Tell Us About Population HealthLabby, David1/20/2017Health Share of OregonSlidesGrand-Rounds-01-20-17Clinical research; Outcomes research; Provider-health system interactions
 What's Next: People-Powered Knowledge Generation from Digital Health DataKrumholz, Harlan1/13/2017Yale University School of MedicineSlidesGrand-Rounds-01-13-17Clinical research; Electronic health records; Patient engagement; Patient-centered research; Outcomes research; Translational research
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