Grand rounds are an important teaching tool of medical education, consisting of presenting the medical problems and treatment of a particular patient (or population of patients) to an audience consisting of doctors, residents, and medical students.   Grand rounds help doctors and other healthcare professionals keep up to date in important evolving areas which may be outside of their core practice.
Grand rounds have evolved, with most sessions being more like lectures, and with audiences expanding to include research professionals in the academic, government, industry, and advocacy domains.
The Grand Rounds featured here, as part of a shared forum of the NIH HCS Collaboratory and PCORnet, provide insightful updates focused on innovative, alternative, streamlined approaches to the conduct of pragmatic clinical trials.

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A Policy-Relevant U.S. Trauma Care System Pragmatic Trial for PTSD and ComorbidityZatzick, Douglas2/20/2015University of WashingtonSlidesGrand-Rounds-02-20-15
Data and Safety Monitoring in Pragmatic TrialsSimon, Gregory; Ellenberg, Susan2/13/2015Group Health Research Institute; University of PennsylvaniaSlidesGrand-Rounds-02-13-15
The TiME Trial: Moving from Planning to ImplementationDember, Laura2/6/2015University of PennsylvaniaSlidesGrand-Rounds-02-06-15
Next Steps for the Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement (ACTA)Bruce, Nickie; Edwards, Terri; Salberg, Libby1/30/2015Vanderbilt University; Mayo ClinicSlidesGrand-Rounds-01-30-15
Prevention of Dementia by Intensive Vascular Care: (preDIVA): Lessons Learned from an Ongoing Pragmatic, Cluster Randomized TrialRichard, Edo; van Gool, Willem1/23/2015Academic Medical Center - AmsterdamSlidesGrand-Rounds-01-23-15
Pieces: Predictive Analytics Technology Approaches to Prevent Adverse Clinics Events in Multimorbidity PopulationsAmarasingham, Ruben1/16/2015UT Southwestern Medical CenterSlidesGrand-Rounds-01-16-15
Improving Chronic Disease Management with PiecesVazquez, Miguel1/9/2015UT Southwestern Medical CenterSlidesGrand-Rounds-01-09-15
Pragmatic Trial of Video Education in Nursing Homes (PROVEN)Mor, Vince; Mitchell, Susan; Volandes, Angelo12/19/2014Brown University School of Public Health; Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts General HospitalSlidesGrand-Rounds-12-19-14
A RoMP Through the Empirical Ethics of Pragmatic TrialsWilfond, Benjamin; Magnus, David12/12/2014University of Washington; Stanford UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-12-12-14Research ethics; Informed consent and human subjects protection; Regulatory issues
Clinician Engagement: From the Emperical to the EverydayGreene, Sarah12/5/2014Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-12-05-14Provider-health system interactions; Stakeholder engagement
Successes Evolving from Constraints: Lessons Learned about Embedding Complex Pragmatic Trials in Delivery SystemsDeBar, Lynn; McMullen, Carmit11/21/2014Kaiser Permanente Center for Health ResearchSlidesGrand-Rounds-11-21-14Learning healthcare system; Provider-health system interactions; Pragmatic clinical trial
Using the NIH Collaboratory's and PCORnet's Distributed Data Networks for Clinical Trials and Observational Research: A PreviewBrown, Jeffrey; Curtis, Lesley; Platt, Richard11/14/2014Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute; Harvard University; Duke University; Duke Clinical Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-11-14-14
Early Findings from Strategies and Opportunities to STOP Colon Cancer in Priority Populations (STOP CRC)Coronado, Gloria; Green, Beverly11/7/2014Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research; Group Health Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-11-07-14
Integrating Clinical Research Into Care: Challenges and Opportunities for PCORnet and the CollaboratoryCaliff, Robert; Briggs, Josephine; Lewis-Hall, Freda; Selby, Joe; Terry, Sharon; Woodcock, Janet10/31/2014Duke University; Duke Translational Medicine Institute; National Institutes of Health (NIH) the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH); Pfizer; Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI); Genetic Alliance; Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)SlidesGrand-Rounds-10-31-14Pragmatic clinical trial; PCORnet; Patient engagement; Network policies & governance
ABATE Infection ProjectHuang, Susan; Septimus, Ed10/24/2014University of California, IrvineSlidesGrand-Rounds-10-24-14
TransCelerate's Role in Transforming Pharmaceutical TrialsGill, Dalvir10/17/2014TransCelerate BioPharma, Inc.SlidesGrand-Rounds-10-17-14
Lumbar Imaging with Reporting of Epidemiology (LIRE) UpdateJarvik, Jeffrey; Stephens, Kari10/10/2014University of WashingtonSlidesGrand-Rounds-10-10-14
Integrating Quality Improvement and Research to Create Learning Health SystemsMargolis, Peter; Forrest, Christopher; Schanberg, Laura10/3/2014Cincinnati Children's Hospital; University of Pennsylvania; Duke UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-10-03-14
Clinical Decision Support to Improve Colorectal Cancer ScreeningBurdick, Tim9/26/2014OCHINSlidesGrand-Rounds-09-26-14
Multi-morbidities: Implications for Explanatory and Pragmatic TrialsSuls, Jerry9/19/2014National Cancer Institute (NCI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-09-19-14
Assessing and Reporting Heterogeneity of Treatment Effect in Clinical TrialsKent, David9/12/2014Tufts UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-09-12-14
Stakeholder Perspectives on the Business Case for Learning in Health CareTunis, Sean9/5/2014Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP)SlidesGrand-Rounds-09-05-14
Improving Patient Engagement and Understanding Its Impact on ResearchWilkins, Consuelo; Joosten, Yvonne8/29/2014Vanderbilt UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-08-29-14
The Megatrial of Aspirin Dosing: PCORnet's First Pragmatic Clinical TrialCaliff, Robert8/22/2014Duke University; Duke University School of MedicineSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-22-14
Partnering With and Engaging Families in Clinical ResearchO'Boyle, Megan8/15/2014Phelan-McDermid Syndrome FoundationSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-15-14
Privacy and Data Security in PCORNetMcGraw, Deven8/8/2014National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Institute (PCORnet)SlidesGrand-Rounds-08-08-14
TRANSFoRm: European Perspectives on Implementing the Learning Healthcare SystemCorrigan, Derek; Curcin, Vasa; Delaney, Brendan8/1/2014King's College London; Royal College of Surgeons in IrelandSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-01-14
Health System Leaders Working Toward High-Value Care Through Integration of Care and ResearchLarson, Eric7/25/2014Group Health Research InstituteGrand-Rounds-07-25-14
The Ethics and Regulatory Landscape: Is a Massive Public Campaign Needed?Terry, Sharon; Califf, Robert7/18/2014Genetic Alliance; Duke University; Duke University School of MedicineSlidesGrand-Rounds-07-18-14
Portfolio Evaluation from the Field: Perspectives of the NHLBILauer, Michael7/11/2014National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-07-11-14
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