Grand rounds are an important teaching tool of medical education, consisting of presenting the medical problems and treatment of a particular patient (or population of patients) to an audience consisting of doctors, residents, and medical students.   Grand rounds help doctors and other healthcare professionals keep up to date in important evolving areas which may be outside of their core practice.
Grand rounds have evolved, with most sessions being more like lectures, and with audiences expanding to include research professionals in the academic, government, industry, and advocacy domains.
The Grand Rounds featured here, as part of a shared forum of the NIH HCS Collaboratory and PCORnet, provide insightful updates focused on innovative, alternative, streamlined approaches to the conduct of pragmatic clinical trials.

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Patient Compensation: PCORI's Compensation Framework—Considerations and Practices from the FieldJohnson, Lorraine; Schrandt, Suzanne; Smalley, Jaye Bea1/29/; Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-01-29-16Clinical research; Patient engagement; Stakeholder engagement; Study design
Use of PRECIS-2 Ratings in the NIH Health Care Systems Research CollaboratoryNeta, Gila; Johnson, Karin1/22/2016Group Health Research Institute; National Cancer Institute (NCI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-01-22-16Pragmatic clinical trial; Study design
Harmonization and Streamlining of Research Oversight for Pragmatic Clinical TrialsO'Rourke, Pearl1/15/2016Partners HealthCareSlidesGrand-Rounds-01-15-16Informed consent and human subjects protection; Pragmatic clinical trial
The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative's Informed Consent Project: Recommendations and ResourcesLentz, Jennifer; Perlmutter, Jane1/8/2016Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-01-08-16Informed consent and human subjects protection; Research ethics
The Ethics and Regulatory Landscape of Including Vulnerable Populations in Pragmatic Clinical TrialsWelch, Mary Jane12/18/2015Rush UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-12-18-15Pragmatic clinical trial; Research ethics; Informed consent and human subjects protection
Effective Engagement with Patient Groups Around Clinical TrialsSelig, Wendy; Weir, Scott12/11/2015Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-12-11-15Clinical research; Patient engagement; Stakeholder engagement; Research dissemination
The Precision Medicine Initiative® Cohort Program: Research as a Team SportPatrick-Lake, Bray; Denny, Joshua; Briggs, Josephine12/4/2015Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI); National Institutes of Health (NIH)SlidesGrand-Rounds-12-04-15Data sharing; Clinical research; Patient engagement; Stakeholder engagement
Gatekeepers for Pragmatic Clinical TrialsWhicher, Danielle11/20/2015Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-11-20-15Cluster randomized trial; Implementation; Pragmatic clinical trial; Stakeholder engagement
Lemons or Peaches: What Trials Should Be?Lauer, Michael11/13/2015National Institutes of Health (NIH)SlidesGrand-Rounds-11-13-15Clinical research
Lumbar Imaging with Reporting of Epidemiology (LIRE): Lessons LearnedJarvik, Jeffrey11/6/2015University of WashingtonSlidesGrand-Rounds-11-06-15Clinical research; Data quality; Provider-health system interactions
Prospective Registry-based Randomized Clinical Trials—A New Concept for Clinical ResearchJames, Stefan10/30/2015Uppsala UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-10-30-15Clinical research; Registries and biorepositories; Study design
Proposed Revisions to the Common RuleHudson, Kathy10/23/2015National Institutes of Health (NIH)SlidesGrand-Rounds-10-23-15Clinical research; Informed consent and human subjects protection; Research ethics
Data Monitoring Committees for Pragmatic Clinical TrialsEllenberg, Susan10/16/2015University of PennsylvaniaSlidesGrand-Rounds-10-16-15Biostatistics; Cluster randomized trial; Pragmatic clinical trial; Research ethics
Diffusion, Dissemination, and Implementation: What is the Difference?Parchman, Michael10/9/2015Group Health Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-10-09-15Implementation; Research dissemination; Translational research
Stepped-Wedge Cluster-Randomized Trial Design: Opportunities for Implementation Research and Practical Challenges of Its ApplicationAllen, Larry10/2/2015University of ColoradoSlidesGrand-Rounds-10-02-15Clinical research; Cluster randomized trial; Implementation; Study design
Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Pragmatic Clinical Trials: Introducing a Special Series in Clinical TrialsSugarman, Jeremy9/25/2015Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of BioethicsSlidesGrand-Rounds-09-25-15Cluster randomized trial; Pragmatic clinical trial; Informed consent and human subjects protection; Research ethics; Regulatory issues
Year 3 of the NIH Collaboratory: Reflections, Progress, and Looking ForwardHernandez, Adrian; Weinfurt, Kevin; Curtis, Lesley9/18/2015Duke Clinical Research Institute; Duke University School of Medicine; National Institutes of Health (NIH)SlidesGrand-Rounds-09-18-15Implementation; Pragmatic clinical trial; Stakeholder engagement; Clinical research
Patient Engagement in Governance and Research Prioritization for a PCORnet Patient-Powered Research NetworkMerkel, Peter9/11/2015University of Michigan Health System; University of Pennsylvania; PCORnet; Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI); Vasculitis FoundationSlidesGrand-Rounds-09-11-15Clinical research; Network policies & governance; Patient engagement; Patient-centered research; PCORnet
Addressing an Achilles Heel of PCTs: Missing Race and Ethnicity Data in Electronic Health RecordsAnderson, Monique8/28/2015Duke Clinical Research Institute; Duke University School of MedicineSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-28-15Electronic health records; Pragmatic clinical trial; Race and ethnicity
QbD: The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative's Quality by Design ProjectMeeker-O'Connell, Ann; Behm, Mark8/21/2015Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI); Johnson & Johnson; AstraZenecaSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-21-15Pragmatic clinical trial; Stakeholder engagement; Clinical research; Study design
ICD-10 Transition – Implications for Pragmatic TrialsRichesson, Rachel; Fung, Kin-Wah8/14/2015Duke University School of Nursing; National Library of MedicineSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-14-15Data quality; Clinical research; Data standards and interoperability; Pragmatic clinical trial; Electronic phenotypes
21st Century Cures: Implications for Clinical TrialsHernandez, Adrian8/7/2015Duke University School of Medicine; Duke Clinical Research InstituteSlidesGrand-Rounds-08-07-15Clinical research; Patient-centered research; Pragmatic clinical trial
NHLBI and Clinical Trials: Current Activities and New DirectionsPearson, Gail7/31/2015National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-07-31-15Clinical research; Pragmatic clinical trial
A Pragmatic Trial to Improve Colony Stimulating Factor Use in CancerRamsey, Scott7/24/2015Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes ResearchSlidesGrand-Rounds-07-24-15Clinical research; Pragmatic clinical trial
Updates on Collaborative IRB ModelsGreen, Alan; Rice, Todd7/17/2015Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth; Vanderbilt University Medical CenterSlidesGrand-Rounds-07-17-15Clinical research; Informed consent and human subjects protection
The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative's Recommendations: Advancing the Use of Central IRBs for Multicenter Clinical TrialsHahn, Cynthia7/10/2015Feinstein Institute; North Shore-LIJ Health System; Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)SlidesGrand-Rounds-07-10-15Stakeholder engagement
A Pragmatic Trial for Comprehensive Stroke Services Funded by PCORIDuncan, Pamela; Bushnell, Cheryl; Rosamond, Wayne6/26/2015Wake Forest School of Medicine; Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Center; University of North CarolinaSlidesGrand-Rounds-06-26-15Patient-centered research; Pragmatic clinical trial
Improving Pragmatic Clinical Trials: Lessons Learned from the NIH Collaboratory Biostatistics CoreCook, Andrea6/19/2015Duke University; Group Health Research Institute; University of WashingtonSlidesGrand-Rounds-06-19-15Biostatistics; Data analysis; Pragmatic clinical trial; Study design
MyHeart Counts mHealth Research StudyMcConnell, Michael6/12/2015Stanford UniversitySlidesGrand-Rounds-06-12-15Electronic health records
NIH Collaboratory Distributed Research NetworkBrown, Jeffrey6/5/2015Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute; Harvard Medical SchoolSlidesGrand-Rounds-06-05-15Distributed research network
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